MindBlizzard Reboot

Back in 2006 I started blogging in English, primarily about Virtual Worlds. Gradually I picked up on new tech developments and social networking. I kept up regular blogging into 2009 until our lives changed and I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. For the past four years I’ve done an occasional blog, contributing to various sites once in a while and did a restart on a specific topic in Dutch.

The topic of security still is of great importance. I believe my views on this are still accurate and it will be one of the major challenges of this decade, but I do not want to limit myself to just this one topic, allthough much more could have been said about Anonymous, the NSA taps and so forth.

But there are other developments that fail to live up to their promise, some well established technologies that face extinction and some exciting new stuff that could change the face of the earth that need attention too. So, here it is. The MindBlizzard Reboot. Back in English so y’all can keep up.